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Flower girls on a float during the saturday Procession of the April Flower Festival Dancing in the streets of Funchal !

Funchal went back to merry revelling in the streets of the Island capital. After the first signs of the arrival of spring the local populace dressed up, went out and paraded in dance and merriment. Making the annual Madeira Flower Festival one of the most sought after tourist events of the year.

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Features and Events

And let there be colour !
João Carlos Abreu humbles us with the magnificence of his paintings. If the flower festival does not enchant you we believe the dramatic expression of colours in João Carlos Abreu's latest art collection will. A exclusive ! See an overview of these magnificent works of art here.

Madeira's Nature Reserve
The Madeira archipelago is home to at lea
st two animals on the wildlife species list facing extinction. The Long Toed Wood Pigeon and the Monk Seal. Read the story here and see how the Regional Government of Madeira has proclaimed two thirds of the Archipelago a Nature Reserve.

. . . . . . .

Turivema: Mountain and Levada Walks on the internet !
•Turivema, one of the most prestigious Professional Guided Mountain and Levada Walks Companies in Maderia introduce their new website. More than 150 photographs illustrate the magnificence of the unique terrain and nature environments to be found in Madeira.

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Hey Soutie - SEND BILTONG !
With more Madeirans living in South Africa than there is on the island of Madeira itself it is a small wonder why a "stuk biltong" is so hard to find in Madeira...

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